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All About Gilbert
Gilbert Sanchez is the co-opinion Editor of the Lariat newspaper. Gilbert is hardworking and is dedicated to producing quality work. He will finish any assignment he is given to completion and strive to earn good grades.

Gilbert was once a member of the Chino Solar Cup Club, a former racing team here at Chino which built large scale solar boats to race in the Nation's Largest Solar Boat Competition, the "Solar Cup", in order to promote alternative clean energies such as solar power.

Gilbert's wants to major in Aerospace Engineering when he gets to college, and his two dream colleges are the University of California Riverside and Cal Poly Pomona, two schools with great engineering programs.

Gilbert Sanchez is not active on social media, but posts once and a while to [email protected], sharing significant parts of his life with the internet world.

Gilbert Sanchez, co-opinion editor

Oct 03, 2018
FAFSA/ College Application Workshops (Story)
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