The Lariat

2018-2019 Staff

Yareli Gomez

Editor in Chief

Yareli is outgoing and open minded person. She's athletic and plays basketball, although it takes up most of her time. On her free time she likes to read. She enjoys meeting new people. She likes helping others  and is in the...

Randee Velarde

Entertainment Editor

Senior Randee Velarde is kind and hardworking. She also loves music, Star Wars, Marvel, and sloths. From her room filled with movie and band posters, to her sloth plushies, it shows where her priorities lie. Contributing stories...

Sofia Vallejo

Entertainment Editor

Sofia Vallejo, a quiet but observant senior, likes to draw and deeply loves music. She also likes traveling in the Los Angeles area, and her dream travel destination is to go to Italy. She is an Entertainment Editor, keeping Chino's...

Rachel Riddle

News Editor

Rachel Riddle is a freshman. She enjoys spending time with her friends, playing volleyball and softball, and also she likes watching Netflix when she has free time.

Ximena Padilla

Opinion Editor

With the interest of pursuing a major in political science after high school and her favorite class being AP Government, Ximena is drawn to people's opinions. She enjoys  watching old films, reading, and playing with her adorable...

Ronnie Gutierrez

Photo Editor

From a young age Ronnie Gutierrez had a very creative mind. Creative photography and movie making are big influences and skills that he possesses. He loves everything that has deeper meanings and content that moves you emotiona...


Photo Editor

Marlene Guerrero

Sports Editor

Marlene is an avid sports fan although baseball is her favorite sport. Her favorite team is the Los Angeles Angels yet she occasionally watches a Dodgers game here and there. She's also a movie fanatic; especially a fan of Quentin...

Taylor Sanchez


Taylor Sanchez is very passionate about track & field, which causes him to spend most of his free time running on the track almost everyday. He likes to watch Dragon Ball Z, Supernatural, Marvel movies, and Rocky movies when...

Maya Cuevas-Molina

Managing Editor

Maya is very athletic, loves to create her own music by writing her own lyrics, she loves her family, does everything she can to achieve her goals, and she dislikes seeing people who are having a bad day. Maya Cuevas-Molina has...

Gilbert Sanchez

co-opinion editor

Gilbert Sanchez is the co-opinion Editor of the Lariat newspaper. Gilbert is hardworking and is dedicated to producing quality work. He will finish any assignment he is given to completion and strive to earn good grades. Gilbert...

Ashlee Vasquez


Ashlee Vasquez is a freshman at Chino High School and works as a Co-Editor in Chief for The Lariat. She has been involved in band for five years and plans to continue playing throughout her adult life. Going out with friends, li...

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