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Ravioli Ravioli Great Barrier Reef, Ravioli Ravioli What's in the Formuoli ?  

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Lorraine Perez is one for the team, she has always taken interest in different challenges. She has questioned many things and presses for the truth. The beautiful truth is the cruel reality of the world as she likes to say. She...

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maite sandoval

opinions editor

Maite Sandoval is a senior here at chino high school. Jack of all trades, Maite is in french club, floklorico, and maintains perfect grades . Her positive energy and fun loving spirit follow her every where she goes and her smile...

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Michelle Thomas

News Editor

Hey guys! It's Michelle, the News Editor here at the Lariat. Check out the articles and come back any time!

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Abby Fagan

Entertainment editor

Hi there! Welcome to Abby's profile. She is our Lariat entertainment editor. She is a beautiful blooming senior. Abby is a hardcore animal lover that enjoys writing stories. Abby has a big heart and an open mind, she will always...

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