Coronavirus: Myth vs. Fact


Taylor Garcia, Reporter

Covid-19 was officially declared a worldwide pandemic on March 11, 2020 by the World Health Organization (WHO). With the use of the word, “pandemic,” comes fear and false information. The Lariat is here to clarify some common myths currently taking over headlines and social media. 

Humans intentionally created the coronavirus: Myth 

          Contrary to popular rumors, the virus was not created in a Wuhan laboratory and no research exists to suggest that it was engineered. Rather, scientists believe it resulted from natural evolution, not the product of a purposefully manipulated virus. 

About 2.5 people can be infected by just one person: Fact 

          Researchers estimate that once one person is infected, they can then infect about 2.5 others which can quickly increase in groups and communities not practicing social distancing.            

The virus can be transmitted through mosquito bites: Myth 

          Covid-19 is mainly spread through respiratory droplets which can be shared by an infected person who sneezes or coughs and cannot be transmitted through mosquito bites. 


If you are wearing a mask with a valve you can still infect others: Fact 

          Wearing a mask with an exhalation valve, commonly seen on N95 masks, can cause more harm than good. Those style masks are made to keep out debris and dust so they only filter what comes in, not what goes out making them useless in a pandemic situation.  

          Misinformation is rampant, making it as important as ever to rely on experts and professionals using accepted scientific analyses to deliver reputable and accurate information. For more information check out the WHO or the CDC.