Being the Working Class While Wearing a Mask


Dominick Mendoza, Reporter

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic things have slowed immensely in the workplace. With new regulations and restrictions in place and a huge risk of contracting Covid-19, working has become a more stiff and undesirable for everyone afflicted.  

Many, if not all, working class citizens around the country are being affected by Covid-19 not just in their neighborhood but more in the workplace. Not only are they affected by the regulations and concerns surrounding Covid-19, but schools have also shut down leaving students at home and as another priority for parents to take care of on top of working.  

Yet, even with such undesirable conditions, with school out, some students have also taken up getting jobs. Many students/friends of mine have taken up jobs in the absence of school. Although with online classes these students must still balance/manage work and school.  

Richard Becerra, a senior, has been working with me at a warehouse sorting and packaging mail. Even with schoolwork being online balancing work hours and classwork has been a really strenuous task. When asked about managing his priorities Richard said, “I don’t really have any certain way to deal with it, I only have one day off and it’s really tough to use that one day to catch up on almost an entire week of schoolwork.” 

With many workers being laid off due to attempts at preventing the spread of Covid-19, it seems that only “higher-up” or more essential employees are kept working. Such as grocery store workers, managers, and anybody whose job is essential to the public.  

Robert Alvarado, a Frontier Communications manager, has been working his usual schedule even during Covid-19. Robert said, “This virus has affected a lot of people and caused a lot of panic. Yet if you’re essential you still have a duty to your community to work. It does cause a lot of stress and unique situations though.” 

With many companies and businesses adopting new restrictions and policies due to Covid-19, our community has to face new situations and find different means of getting certain services. Even with these strange and new circumstances I urge you to stay home and stay safe, and take every precaution to stay healthy.