Salt on an Open Wound


George Minjarez, Sports Editor

Seniors all around have been stripped of their opportunity to have a proper senior sendoff due the corona virus epidemic. Schools across the nation have been shut down and forced to cancel all events and large gatherings, including prom, and most if not all 2020 Graduations. 

As devastating as it is for the Senior class of 2020 to lose everything that they have worked so hard for over the course of their whole high school career, many staff members and parents are trying to keep spirits high with their own little events and gifts. These events and gifts consist of virtual proms, banners, and clothing supporting the senior class, as well as virtual or drive thru graduations. 

Although the class of 2020 truly does appreciate the effort the parents and staff are putting in to keep the seniors satisfied with the end of their school year, some of us seniors, including myself, feel that maybe it would be better if the parents and staff just leave all the festivities behind and let us just live out the rest of our school year in peace. 

Some of us feel that in the efforts to make the seniors feel better about our year ending so abruptly with all these virtual events is making the pain of what we lost feel worse than before. It’s bad enough that we seniors must deal with the fact that we lost all our Senior activities but with the staff and the parents organizing virtual versions of our activities, all this does is remind us of everything we lost and that we’ll never get back. 

It’s not necessarily a bad thing that people be supportive of each other, especially in a time like this, but announcing virtual proms and graduations is like pouring salt on an open wound. It hurts to think that we seniors will never get a chance to have a traditional prom or graduation, but none the less we must stay strong and move forward.