Should We Go Back to School?


Jorge Torres, Reporter

Schools throughout the world have been forced to close for the remaining of the school year due to the corona virus pandemic. Schools have been closed for almost two months and students have had no choice to keep going with their studies through online learning. 

Recently the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, announced that schools in California will be opening this upcoming fall. With school coming back in the fall, are parents are going to be scared to sending their kids to school? What precaution will the schools be taking to protect their students from getting covid-19? 

Fatima Alejandre, a freshman at Cal State San Bernardino, said “It affects me by not being able to actually go to school and learn since I’m used to inperson classes instead of online. It causes me to have to adjust to work online.” She added,  Corona is a serious virus, which is why I know they had to take safety measures like closing the schools so no one can get infected. And I don’t think we should be allowed back to school until the coronavirus is under control and they start offering a vaccine. If there is one that can be safer for us to go to school to learn instead of putting our lives at risk being exposed to someone who can possibly have the virus. 

We shouldn’t go back to school this fall because we still don’t know how to control the virus and it can go out of control again, but if we do go back to school, students are going to have to wear masks and gloves to protect themselves. Only time will tell when this pandemic will come to an end.