At Home AP Testing


Justin Ogilby, Editor-in-Chief

This year has left a lot of uncertainties and one being what will happen regarding AP Testing. AP Exams this year will be vastly different then the previous.  

 Most AP exams are vastly shorter than normal, between 45 minutes to an hour, and most will be taken home online through any electronic device. Five minutes will be given at the end of the test for uploading to College Board for scoring and 30 minutes will be given prior to the test for logging in and getting ready for the exam 

 The exams will be 1-3 free response questions. Students may submit their exam through the website or you can submit it through writing if you take a photo of it.  

 The AP exams will only feature content up until March, as it would be hard to grade students on content they do not know. AP exams will be open book and open note, which may increase pass rate if taken advantage of.