House Arrest


Jorge Torres, Reporter

It was about three weeks ago when our school principal, Mr. Miller, announcethat there wasn’t going to be school until further notice, relaying the decision of our Superintendent, Norm Enfield. Everyone was so happy that we were going to start spring break early, but what we did not know that it was the last day of the school year. 

With school being outit was hard to adjust to a new style of learning because everything was now going to be done online with teachers teaching from their homes. It took me time to adjust to the new style of learning, but thankfully I was able to organize myself and get the job done. 

My experience of staying home has been good and bad. I’ve been able to spend more time with my family and become more united 

One bad experience is that with school closingwe seniors won’t be able to experience the traditional ending to our last year at Chino High School. All our senior activities have been canceled, and it was tough to see that our last year of high school has come to an end. Also, it’s hard that we can’t go hangout with friends. Lastly, my mom makes me do a lot of chores around the house.  

We all know that this is very serious, and people need to start following the rules of staying home, keeping distance, and wearing masks if we go out. Lots of people are losing jobs and are getting very ill. Hopefully all of this comes to an end very soon.