Spring Sports Cut Short


Dominick Mendoza, Reporter

Spring sports at Chino High School have been cancelled due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus. It was announced on March 13 that all Chino Valley Unified School District schools would close to prevent the spread of Covid-19. As a result, all spring sport student-athletes had their seasons prematurely ended. 

It has been about three and half weeks since the announcement of the school district closing. The rest of the school year has been cancelled, which means the school year is over for students. Many athletes and other students have been confined to their houses with no clear end defined for them.  

With many athletes disgruntled and searching for answers as to what to do about their lost seasons, the school district remains vague as to what happens next. Seniors especially have it rough, losing all their senior activities, prom, last sport seasons, and even their graduation. 

“Losing my season sucks. I never expected something like this to happen. It makes me really sad losing a season with my team, especially since I was shooting to make CIF this year,” said senior Richard Becerra. Becerra is a member of the swim team.   

“I was really starting to enjoy this season and it depresses me that I can’t run anymore,” said senior Victoria Vasquez.  Not even for fun since they closed the track.” Vasquez, a senior member of the track team added, “Now I’m bored in my house for way longer than I wished.”   

Angry and restless athletes and seniors alike are condemned to their homes unable to do anything to recover their lost season.  

Chino Valley School District continues to sort things out due to Covid-19, but it does not seem like anything can be done to recover the student-athletes lost season.