Lariat’s Declassified (Online) School Survival Guide


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Taylor Garcia, Reporter

With all the learning changes implemented because of the corona virus, both teachers and students are faced with new ways of working and studying, which poses many difficulties, but the Lariat has Cowboys covered with a simple sixstep guide.  

  1. Create a morning routine 

Even though there are no bells to ring out the day’s schedule, some form of structure is crucial. Whether its being active first thing in the morning, cleaning your room, changing out of pajamas, or eating breakfast, creating a good system at the start of the day can greatly affect the rest of the day’s productivity. Having a routine to get ready for the day creates a sort of  “buffer time” that allows you to transition from your life at home to your school life which would normally take place during a typical school day.  

2. Create a To-Do list 

One of the most beneficial steps is writing a to-do list for the day’s agenda. Writing out your tasks with an agenda, bullet journal, sticky notes, or even just a scratch piece of paper can help with keeping you on track and organized. However, when making a to-do list it is important not to set unrealistic goals that will make it seem like the day was wasted. It also helps to give you more credit, within reason, and to only  

prioritize a few goals. rather than many conflicting tasks.  

3. Organization is key 

The space being worked in can leave a huge impact on the work being produced. Studying in a messy environment can make your mind feel chaotic. This includes digital workplaces too, since classes have transitioned to online and a cluttered desktop or unorganized files can be stressful without you even realizing it. A clean space equals a clean mind. 

4. Create a distinct workspace 

Being able to separate the space that work is done in can greatly help with keeping you focused and in a more productive mindset. If a desk is not available for this purpose any table, island counter, corner, or available space that is not a bed will do the trick.  

5. Avoid distractions 

Create rules for the workplace to help determine what will generate the most success. Example: “At this desk I will only study and do homework, I will not watch Netflix or Tik Tok.” Implement the “work hard, play hard mentality” by working hard during the day so that there’s free time later to relax, unwind, and take care of your mental health too. Try setting plans such as Facetiming a friend so that there is a push to get work done and stay motivated. 

6. Motivation 

Motivation can be hard to come by when learning from home, but prioritizing school and getting work done over other activities will always provide the best results. Based on her prior homeschool experience, junior Bethany Smith explained, “Time management is super important. In the beginning I thought it was going to be easier, so I would put off work and found myself getting really stressed. Since you don’t have a teacher there to push you, it’s important to push yourself. Smith also advised “avoiding putting off work” as the most important step because “catching up on work is way harder to do and it can get overwhelming.  

This new form of learning may not be ideal but there is no doubt that cowboys will push through and finish the school year off strong