Uncertainty about Graduation


Justin Ogilby, Editor-in-Chief

On March 13thdistrict Superintendent Norm Enfield declared a closure of all Chino Valley schools until further notice. Most students were glad to have an early Spring Break and get lots of free time away from the stressful life of school.  

     However, most students, especially seniors, were not expecting to have such a longlasting closure that would cancel all events and activities. Seniors lost out on their most valuable and fun activities, such as Prom and Grad Night. It has also left the future of graduation uncertain.  

      The school district has not officially stated how graduation will be conducted or whether it is even going to happen. Seniors do not know what to expect for this end-of-high-school rite of passage. 

      Looking to other school districts around the country, there are a number of ideas thought of to remedy this problem.  

      Some districts have implemented “virtual” graduations, whether that be meetings on apps like Zoom or in a virtual space like a video game. Others have held socially distanced graduations, which are normal graduation ceremonies but abiding to standards put out by health organizations.  


Important Update: Superintendent Norm Enfield announced they will be working on virtual graduations for all schools in the CVUSD district, and they have have an in person graduation if the ban on large social gatherings is lifted.