The Effect of the Coronavirus on College Enrollment


George Minjarez, Sports Editor

The United States is currently on nationwide self-quarantine due to the corona virus epidemic. With everyone having to practice social distancing and avoid gatherings of any kind, this makes getting things done difficult, such as the college enrollment process.  

With colleges being forced to cancel campus tours and traditional orientations, many students are being discouraged because of all the complications. 

 Many students claim that it is frustrating being unable to visit their schools as it prevents them from being able to decide on whether they would like to attend there or not. Students are also concerned by confusing steps they face when enrolling online. 

The process for enrollment is taking longer than expected and it igoing to be like this until the epidemic passes. People are also losing the urge to leave to go to outofstate schools and are deciding to stay local because of the epidemic. 

Although being cautious and safe is the right thing to do, it can be a struggle to adjust to this new way of life and adapt to this new system of handling things. Students must learn to be strong and stay resilient in order to overcome this epidemic.