A Cowboys Guide to Becoming a GI Joe


Taylor Garcia, Reporter

Deciding to serve one’s country is a serious commitment but for those not interested in going to college immediately after high schoolthe military provides many alternative options.  

Courtesy of the National Guard

Between the six different branches there are various purposes and occupations. Options include the Air Force, Army, National Guard, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, and their reserve components. As of December 2019, the Space Force branch was added but due to its recency it is still in development.  

Enlisting in the military requires passing the ASVAB test and physical examinations. Once that is completed there are meetings with counselor to determine a career paththe oath of commitment is taken, and either direct ship or delayed entry program is chosen.  

Aside from the honor of serving in the military some pros include: 

  • A variety of financial aid 
  • Specialized training  
  • Provides a challenge  
  • Making a difference  
  • Opportunity to travel  
  • Job security  

Although there are many benefits, there are also some things to consider before joining: 

  • Rank is highly important in the military, regardless of external factors like age. 
  • You cannot quit your commitments  
  • Grooming standards/civilian clothing policy  
  • High levels of risk depending on the position  
  • Rigorous training  
  • Away from friends and family  

For more info, head to the career center or visit one of the following military websites.  

(Navy) www.navy.com 


(Air Forcewww.airforce.com 

(Marines) www.marines.com 

(National Guard) www.1-800-go-guard.com 

(Army ROTC) www.goarmy.com/rotc