Run for Russ 5K

Run for Russ 5K

Justin Ogilby, Editor In Chief

The Run for Russ is an annual 5 kilometer run/walk that was established in memory of Officer Russell Myron Miller, who was killed in a drunk driver incident on February 1st, 2000 He died at the age of 51, having served the Chino Police Department for 12 years.  

The Run for Russ  started at 8:00 a.m. on February 1st, with many different agencies present. Track teams, military academies, and police explorers were all present within the run and were assisting with the event.  

The Chino Police Explorers participated in the run and stationed some members to be in Honor Guard at the memorial, which was held in the middle of the 3.2 miles that the racers had to run. The memorial consisted of a tribute stone, a wreath of flowers, the four member guard holding rifles and flags, and the Mounted Posse.  

The Chino Police Explorers, military, and officers alike paid tribute to the memorial by giving a prayer, touching the tribute stone, or doing 20 motivational push-ups for the 20th anniversary of the officer’s death. 

Participants received a pancake breakfast, water, t-shirt, and other snacks. People were given awards based on how they perform.