Chino High Seeks to Expand Offered AP Classes

Justin Ogilby, Editor In Chief

Chino High School offers a multitude of AP classes on campus and is seeking to expand the amount of different subjects offered. Chino wants to be competitive with the other schools in our district, especially with Don Lugo.  

Some differences between Chino High and the other three schools in our district include: 

Ayala High School – AP Music Theory, AP European History, AP Chinese, AP Capstone Seminar and Research.  

Don Lugo – same classes as Chino.  

Chino Hills – AP Japanese, AP European History, AP Chinese.  

Photo Courtesy of Chino High School Website

There are multiple AP classes offered that the schools in our district do not have such as AP Latin, AP US History: Modern, AP Physics C: Electrics and Magnetism / AP Physics C: Mechanics, etc.  

An expansion of the AP programs will allow students to be able to get a more specialized education in what they want to learn.  

For example, an engineering student may want to learn more physics-based classes. A linguist would want to be able to have multiple languages to choose to learn from, rather than just French and Spanish. 

Photo Courtesy of Chino High School Website

One noteworthy program is the AP Capstone Seminar and Research Program. The program is a diploma program that aims to help students be prepared for other AP classes. It teaches develop the critical thinking, research, collaboration, time management, and presentation skills students need for college-level work. 

It will be a challenge to implement and create new AP classes, but with the creation of the new school it will be much easier. Teachers would have to be hired and trained to teach these classes, and they would each need a classroom. 

This will take a lot of effort and money, but will be worth it to increase the amount of classes a student can take. It will allow students to focus more on what they want to do in the future rather than have merely a general education.