Change in Coaches’ Fouls Team Record

Change in Coaches' Fouls Team Record

Jorge Torres, Reporter


Over the years, Chino High has evolved in many ways. In recent years, their sports programs have been having losing seasons due to constant changes in coaching staff. As an athlete myself, I could personally say that Chino High sports program has not been met its full potential. Looking at the boys’ and girls’ records over the last year shows the importance of consistent coaching. 

Our boys’ basketball program has been struggling to maintain a winning record throughout the years. From my personal experience, it is hard for players to adapt to different coaching styles because of the numerous coaching changes. I feel that if they stop bringing in new coaches every year Chino sports programs will be doing way better than other previous years. 

What I’ve seen from the girls’ basketball team is that they had the same coach for the past five years and the result of that they been having winning seasons. In the last three years the girls’ basketball went 21-9 in league. That was by having consisting coaching staff. Student athletes need coaches that will stick around and help develop our athletes. 

Attracting student athletes is difficult without consistent coaches and programs. Incoming freshman and students transfer that are looking to play a sport want to go to a sport program that has been very successful over the years.