This Year Senior Class Personalities

During the month of January, Chino High students could vote and nominate senior personalities of their choice. The categories were most artistic, person to brighten your day, best hair, class clown, and many more. The Lariat interviewed the following winners. 

Tristan Allen: Class Clown  

Lariat: How did you feel about winning class clown? 

Tristan: I felt proud and prideful. 

Lariat: What do you do to make people laugh? 

Tristan: Just being funny. 

Lariat: Do you think your funny? 

Tristan: Yes, sometimes. 

Saira Khan: Best Hair  

Lariat: How did you feel when you won? 

Saira: I was surprised but happy that I won. 

Lariat: How long does it takes to perfect your unique style of hair? 

Saira: It takes about 10-15 minutes. 


Ernesto Cornado: Most Artistic 

Lariat: How did it feel to win most artistic? 

Ernesto: I was surprise at first, but I give thanks for those who nominated me. 

Lariat: Who’s your favorite painter? 

Ernesto: My favorite painter is Van Gogh. 

Josh Marin: Person to Brighten Your Day 

Lariat: How did you feel when you won the award? 

Josh: I felt honored to win that award because I like helping people no matter how their day is going. This Year Senior Class Personalities