The Bachelor at Chino High

Fabiola Luna, Entertainment and Feature Editor

Mr. Chino High was hosted by Renaissance on February 21st at 7 p.m. in the gym. The theme this year for the event was based on The BachelorEleven contestants from different grade levels, competed for the title Mr. Chino High. 


The event started by introducing all the contestants who were accompanied by their escorts. They then proceeded to have the contestants dance to songs such as Big Bank, Treasure, and Que Calor. 

Boys performing a song dressed as Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Contestants got to showcase some of their talents. The was a variation of talents, such as singing, dancing, couples’ yoga, and a poetry slam. Senior, Joseph Torres performed the poetry slam from the movie 22 Jump Street that had the audience intrigued 

As the event was coming to an endthe crowd was anxious to know who was going to be the next Mr. Chino High. The teacher judges and renaissance judges gave out roses that were worth certain amount of points. After determining who had the most roses it was announced that Diego Guerrero had won.  

The winner of Mr. Chino High.

Senior, Diego Guerrero said that he was “surprised and excited” that he had won. He was doing Mr. Chino High “just for fun” and he didn’t expect he would actually win.