Girls Wrestling is Dominating the Competition

Girls Wrestling is Dominating the Competition

Dominick Mendoza , Reporter

Girls Wrestling is making marks this year not just in league but placing in CIF as well. With different wrestlers making it far into CIF and league rankings the team seems to have no intention of slowing down. The team, coached by Alex Angulo, crushed competition this year raising expectations, yet again.  

Although wrestling is presumed to be a male dominated sport, Chino’s girls continue to prove that opinion wrong with their success. This year three girls made very strong CIF campaigns/runs as well as placing in multiple matches and tournaments. 

Victoria Rodriguez, a senior at Chino, is a 2x CIF finalist, 2x Masters placer, and 2x state qualifier. Victoria discussed with the Lariat, Motivators for me are that when I first joined wrestling, I was one of the only girls and seeing other girls quit I would think dang, they really can’t do it’. Now whenever we get another girl on the team it motivates to wanna improve and help the team grow.” 

Freshman Kaylanie Hungria explained, “If you wanna get better it depends on how much effort and work you put into what you do. It’s really just how bad you want it and how strong your drive is.” Kaylanie took 1st in league, 4th in Orange Lutheran, and was one match away from qualifying for Masters this year. 

Aaliyah Somano, also a freshman, took 3rd against Montclair, 2nd in league, placed in CIF, and was the first girl at Chino to qualify for Masters as a freshman. Aaliyah detailed her success and of her team, “I feel like I went far as a freshman but theres a lot of room for improvement, and as for my team we were great this year but next year well come out stronger.

As for wrestling being thought of as a male dominated sport, the girls feel a sense of pride with how they’re changing the way people think. Victoria reasoned, “I feel like we are all proving a lot of people wrong, because they think Oh its a guy sport. They can’t do it, or they can’t or wrestle. Yet there are girls here ranked in state that can take on guys.” Aaliyah also added, “I feel like any gender can do this sport as long as you put in the work and have fun doing it.” 

Even in the adversity of wrestling being presumed a guy sport, Chino’s wrestling team continues to make strides and improve with every season. California is one of the highest ranked states in the country for wrestling. And has the largest state tournament with the highest number of participants. 

Chino’s girls have raised expectations this year and hope to continue to do so in future seasons