Chino High Youtuber: Stone Broke Garage

Chino High Youtuber: Stone Broke Garage

Fabiola Luna, Entertainment Editor, Journalist

Chino High School student, Bryan Gonzalez, started a YouTube channel based on his passion, cars. His channel is called Stone Broke Garage. He has about 10K subscribers. His channel also gets an average 160k views on videos. 

Bryan decided to start a channel to be able to help others that are also on a budget to fix their cars. He always has had an interest in cars and wants to share his passion.

The videos Bryan makes are DIY’s and how-to videos. Some videos he has published are how to lower a Nissan pickup for $30 and how to lower a D21 hard body for $60. For a while, Bryan made merch that consisted of hoodies with his channel name on it.

He doesn’t see YouTube as a full-time career but more of something he can do on the side for fun. He feels YouTube has helped him in continuing his passion and being financially assisted to create more content.  

Besides doing YouTube, Bryan also likes to hang out with his friends and his girlfriend. He enjoys going to car meets, going drifting and skateboarding.