Don’t be Mindless Educate About the Virus

Don’t be Mindless Educate About the Virus

Emma Seifert, Managing Editor

With the entrance into a new decade, so has a new worry: The Corona Virus. It has taken over the internet, with people making memes and articles on protective measures to help you stay away from the virus. 

People fear catching this disease but is it just another scare or is it something to worry about in the long run. I believe that people are overreacting and are not being properly educated on the subject. 

People are worried that by using or buying products from China will make them contract the disease. On the contrary, people can get the virus if they are around a person who has it and are touching the things the infected person has already touched. 

Even if you get infected, it will not immediately lead to death. There are certain strains that are deadly, such as 2019-nCOV, if you do not get one of the deadlier strands the symptoms would just be one of a common cold. 

In fact almost everyone gets Coronavirus at least once in their life, usually when they are a small child, says WebMD, and it is not life threatening. The one strain that most people get, is the same as the common goal.  

Signs like the ones seen above help advocate healthy habits.

People tend to worry and panic, instead of sitting down and reading the facts. If people where better educated, they would see that there is nothing to worry about, especially if you take precautionary measures, like washing your hands and not sharing drinks.