The Whosoevers at Chino High

The Whosoevers at Chino High

Jorge Rivera, Journalist, Reporter

On January 29, Christian music group The Whosoevers came to the Chino High gym during lunch. They wanted to speak to the students and teach them ow to stay positive, no matter the circumstances, and to provide support using the word of God. 

The founders of The Whosoevers are Ryan Ries, Sonny Sandoval (lead vocalist of Christian Nu Metal band P.O.D.), and Brian “Head” Welch (guitarist and founding member of Nu Metal band Korn). The name “Whosoever” derives from the scripture John 3:16, which states “For God so love the world, that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

     The Whosoevers travel around the world providing high school students positivity in their lives. Their mission is to deliver the message of the gospel to schools and empower students to realize their true purpose in life.” 

     The intention behind this was to give an uplifting message to Chino High students and hope to have a positive impact on their lives in some way. Ms. Allen, Christian Club Advisor, said, “The Whosoevers contacted Christian Club here at Chino High School because they wanted to speak to the youth about the gospel and they want to give hope to the hopeless and inspire ‘whosoever’ to live their life for God.”  

“[The] intentions were to see who God is, in a way that could relate to you, added Josh Marin, Christian Club President.