Students Explore the College Life at AP Night

Students Explore the College Life at AP Night

Jorge Torres, George Minijarez, Reporter, Sports Editor

On February 28, there was a meeting for students who are thinking of taking an AP course for the next year. The meeting was held in the MPR at 5:30 p.m. and ran to 7:05 pm.  

Students and parents went to the MPR so they could get some brief information about what to expect when taking AP courses. Then the students went to four rotations, the rotations allowed students and parents to learn about the different AP courses offered at Chino High School. Students taking those courses gave presentations and talked about their experiences in the AP courses.   

The purpose of attending AP Night was for the parents and students to get more information about the class and what to be expected from it 

Taking AP classes makes an impression on college admission officers, and the classes help develop college-level academic life. Passing the end-of-year exam gives students college credit, meaning the student will not have to take that class in college, which saves students money.  

Students enrolling in an AP class, are not required to take the test, but not taking it will look bad on transcripts. Colleges will wonder why a student took the class but not the test. 

 These [AP] classes are meant for students who are trying to get college credit. If you pass the exam you’ll get 3 credits but it also depends on the course youre taking”, said Renay Prescott.