How Girls Rule Their Experience at Chino High

Fabiola Luna, Entertainment Editor, Feature Editor

ROX, which stands for Ruling Our Experiences is a non- profit organization here on campus that is based out of Ohio. Kaishauna Johnson, the organizations advisor, wants to help equip girls to make the world a better place for themselves. 

In fact, Johnson was the first licensed ROX facilitator in California. She initiated ROX at Chino High making it the first high school in California to have this program. Johnson stated that the program is a “full year and they meet for 22 weeks in total.” 

Throughout the weeks, they go over messages that the girls have received from their peers, family, culture, and social media. They accomplish this by looking at situations in different perspectives as peers and equals rather than competition. Topics they also discuss are challenges that go on in a girl’s world. 

This program also provides its members with training on “the world of girls” and give them information to make sure they can be able to “rule their own experiences.” 

Alumni member, Jessica Lopez said that she would “encourage other girls to join so they can gain more knowledge on topic such as toxic relationships.” She also said that overall, her experience with ROX allowed her to be “more confident.” 

Another alumni, Francia Padilla explained that getting the opportunity to be in ROX enabled her to “better herself as a woman” and also show her peers that they will always have an opportunity to be able to “use their power and strength.”