Pee-Wees Enter the Court

Pee-Wees Enter the Court

Dominick Mendoza, Reporter

On January 27, Chino High hosted its annual Freshman Fair, also known as the Frosh Fair, which is used to generate interest in all the clubs and activities the school has to offer. This year’s fair even launched a table competition giving $100 to the winner for best decorated table. 

Each table was decorated to impress, going all-out to win the $100 prize. Some amazingly decorated tables included Cross Country/Track, Christian Club, Wrestling, and Girls Soccer. Ultimately, Girls Soccer won the $100 by a small margin between them and Christian Club.  

When asked what goes into running a Freshman. Jasmine Norman said, Well we notify our clubs and organizations on campus a week in advance, and theyre really excited to participate. Messages are then sent out to the feeder schools and they put out an announcement so that we can interest as many as possible.”  

With much going on around the fair, many upperclassmen come to help and promote their clubs. Senior Jacob Ramos explained, “I’m in boys’ water polo and Club Hope.” Amidst the loud noise and eager atmosphere produced by the crowd Ramos added,They’ve been some of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

“For freshman coming in, my advice is don’t feel nervous because everyone coming into high school is nervous, and it’s completely normal to feel that way. The current students will do their best to make you feel comfortable here, just be prepared for an exciting four years, said Lindsay Cooper (junior) giving advice to give to the current 8th graders. 

The Lariat asked incoming freshman, William Lorasso, on his experience at the Freshman Fair and how he benefitted by attending: I found the Makers Club which looks really fun, and I’ve also found more interests and reasons to continue with band.” he added with the Makers Club’s table, a couple feet away from him teeming with people playing with toy robots, I didn’t even know about the Makers Club till now but seeing the booth makes me interested to see what it’s like.”

The Freshman Fair was a huge success with many clubs and sports gaining many sign-ups. Next year looks very promising as the freshman take their first steps into high school life and experiencing the activities they joined.