Marching Down Main Street

Marching Down Main Street

Taylor Garcia, Journalist, Reporter

The flags flew, the drums kept the beat, and the flutes trilled as the 77th Cavalry marched down Main Street for the 27th time at the happiest place on earth. Under the direction of Mr. Doug Bowden, the band performed in Disney’s annual Performing Arts Showcase on January 9th. The performance was, “a great representation of Chino and the school said Bowden.     

            Marching just under one mile, the band stayed true to its origins playing, America on Parade and in true Disney fashion, an arrangement of the infamous Raiders of the Lost Arc theme. In the past, this parade was competitive and consisted of judges walking alongside the performers giving an overall group evaluation. Currently, the band goes to have the opportunity of playing in a place that is larger than the Chino community and to have a fun experience.  

           To participate the band must send in an application, a video of the group’s skills, and then screening takes place and Disney selects their performers. Upon being accepted, the Cavalry prepared by rearranging the parade block to accommodate the width of the park’s streets and held several mandatory practices. “It’s great that we can go because the kids get excited about playing and it is essentially a form of payment. said Bowden. 

            Everyone is very kind at Disneyland and I love it because they make you feel very welcomed and appreciate. We put in our time and effort and it’s all worth it to see people enjoy the show we present.” said sophomore Cassandra Sanchez. 

            Junior Alyssa Amancio called it a “once in a lifetime experience that not many people can have. And junior Perla Mozqueda said, The experience of performing at Disney is always magical…it made me appreciate other performers at Disneyland because I realized how much effort they put into each performance.”

            Freshman, Braden Casanares, told the Lariat, “My favorite part about this experience was performing because when I was little I would usually be the one watching and I would be so amazed by the bands so I feel like the little kids watching us were amazed and that makes me happy.” Avery Brilliantes, who’s been in Chino’s band all 4 years, and performed for the last time wearing the 77th Cavalry uniform, added, “Performing at Disney for the last time changed the way I appreciate things in my life. I realized that time goes by really fast so enjoy it while it lasts.” 

            The parade is over but the music lives on in the hearts of the 77th Cavalry members, leaving them with memories that will last a lifetime.