Chino Takes Chaffey Pound for Pound in Senior Night Blowout

Chino Takes Chaffey Pound for Pound in Senior Night Blowout

Dominick Mendoza, Journalist, Reporter

Chino High’s wrestling team takes a huge win in victory against Chaffey High School and honored the team’s seniors before the match on January 9th in the gymnasium. 

Each senior was recognized in the senior night match-up as they walked a red carpet, escorted by parents and loved ones. With the crowd cheering for them, Chino took eleven out of fourteen match-ups, giving them a blowout win over Chaffey.  

Chino held the power the entire match, including spectacular performances displayed by Raul Mejia, Riley Taylor, and Albert Ferrer.  

“It was alright because I didn’t have a match. But I mean after I saw everyone else I think it hit me more at the end, realizing that was gonna be the last time I was gonna be on the mat, even if I didn’t have a match… it hurts a little bit” said Senior Captain Joseph Torres. 

This year’s senior class left a huge impression on Coach Alex Angulo along with many memories. “I’ve coached some of these kids since they were six years old, and I’m really happy to work with them. Every day is a memorable day when you have amazing kids like them. They’re all really unique and quirky kids who have great personalities and even greater hearts” said Angulo. 

Assistant coach, Mr. Young told the Lariat, “I think tonight was a good test, Chaffey was very tough. Iron sharpens iron so whenever you wrestle a tough team, no matter what skill level, you wanna see that your wrestlers come out and fight. So, I think if we take this and keep learning keep growing we’re gonna work our way to a league title”.

 With Chino’s wrestling team gaining more and more experience with each match, they’ve formed serious CIF title aspirations. Located at first in league rankings, Chino’s goal remains the same; win it all pursuing the league title.