Senior Assembly

Fabiola Luna, Features Editor, Entertainment Editor

On January 9th, in the gym administration, and ASB held a meeting for seniors on upcoming dates and expectations. They also talked about ordering items, such as cap and gowns, as well as senior gear.  

Tyler, a speaker from Jostens, gave out information on things such as how to order any senior gear we are interested in purchasing. He informed seniors of the items on sale such as hoodies, tassels, announcements, rings, etc.  

Mr. Miller also talked about how seniors need to make sure they need to pay attention to important dates and to make sure they are on track to graduate. He also announced that he will be holding a Senior Beach Day due to seniors improving their state test scores. Miller wants all seniors to make sure they are responsible for their actions and that there will be no exceptions. 

ASB explained that seniors who purchased the senior packets can get their tickets for Grad Night and Prom. They also explained the requirements to participate in activities and the specific details at each one.  

A few seniors found the information important and others didn’t really care that the assembly was held. Erica Alvarez, a senior, said the assembly, “was useful because she is glad that she was informed that she can purchase senior gear.” Another senior, Nayeli Gonzalez, said that she “was surprised that Mr. Miller is actually going to do the beach trip and I’m glad he is.”