My Experience at Chino High School

Cissy Lu

When I initially walked into Chino High School, I noticed how small the campus was compared to my previous school, which was large and heavily populated. Chino is a city in the suburbs, where I had never been. The suburbs were quiet and calm. In San Gabriel, where many businesses thrive, it was loud and busy 

I also noticed that Chino isn’t as competitive. The material that I learned from my previous school was ahead of the things I’m currently learning at Chino High School. At my previous school, walking to my next class during passing period felt depressing since the stress from the students came from dreading the next class and tests the next class. So far, Chino didn’t feel so stressful like my previous school, everyone was stressed due to academic pressure.  

One thing that was an obstacle at this school was the class selection. Previously I had taken AP World History and Mandarin, but I had to substitute those classes for other ones. For AP World History, I had to take World History Honors to fill in the requirements. I had to delay Mandarin until I am able to take it during the summer. In addition, to fulfill my graduation requirements, I had to take a health class, which was replaced by the college prep class I took during my freshman year.  

Another thing that is different from my previous school is that more people are engaged in sports. At my previous school, not many people were interested in sports, leaving many of the teams to be short on players or disbanded. My school focused more on academics and student clubs such as NHS or Academic Decathalon.  

Everyone that I have met at Chino High from my teachers, the students, and the office staff were all very generous and helpful. All my classes were easily found on the first day I was here, thanks to everyone’s help.