Girls Basketball Creates Midnight Madness

George Minjarez, Sports Editor, Journalist

On November 15th, the Chino Cowgirls basketball team held a four-hour basketball event in the gymnasium. The event was from 8:00p.m to 12: 00p.m with the price of admission being three dollars per person. 

The Midnight Madness event was one of the largest events of the school year so far. There were a total of four games during the event: Chino Alumni vs. Chino Staff, Chino Cowgirls vs. Ontario Christan Knights, Chino Cowboys vs. Cooper Academy, and Ontario PD vs. Chino PD.

The girls’ basketball team also hired a DJ named Raul Zavaleta to help provide entertainment for the crowd by playing music and having mini games during halftime period. There was a mini dance contest, blind pool noodle fight, and a dunk contest for the audience.

 There were also performances by Cheer, Polynesian Club and the Impact dance team during the warmup periods between games. With the night being action packed, the crowd was filled with enough energy to blow the roof off the gym. 

As time went on, the flare of the crowd began to die out and the bleachers were being vacated. With the final game of the night between Ontario PD and Chino PD being played the Midnight Madness event came to an end after Ontario PD winning the final game.