Chino High School’s Vaping Problem


Justin Ogilby and Melanie Hernandez

Chino High School classifies itself as a drug free school, but is it really drug free? 

 As the school year continues more and more problems arise with students vaping. Certain students often leave their classrooms during passing period to meet up with their friends to vape, which is a drug related activity 

It’s easier for students to vape during class time then during passing period or lunch. 

Often times restrooms are closed down when students are caught vaping in them. This just ignores the problem and causes a disruption for other students who need to use them. 

 One Chino High student said, “I always see kids vaping in the restroom during class and they act like it’s a normal thing. No one says anything because no one wants to be called a snitch.” 

 However, it’s not all on the students to be responsible for reporting these kids. Security guards, custodian’s, and the staff that are out patrolling the halls while the students are in class should be more alert when doing so.  

Bea Tapia, a security guard on campus stated, “We are aware of this problem and continue to try and stop it, students helping us by reporting what they see is important, they know what their peers are doing more than us.” 

In order to help control this problem, its vital that everyone does their part to help. Students should report if they see any suspicious activity. Staff should do more checkups in the restrooms. Teachers should try to limit how many times they let a student go to the restroom or ask them to leave their phones behind in the classroom. 

If we want to make our school truly drug free, we must take the necessary steps to overcome the current problem.  


  Federal and State Vaping Laws  

          Vaping on a state and federal level is heavily restricted, especially regarding minors. Vaping products within California are considered as tobacco products and thus will be subject to same restrictions as other tobacco products. 

           The age restriction of vaping and smoking products in California is set at 21 years old and California has also implemented legislation banning vaping on school properties, public areas and within the workplace.  

            On the federal level, vaping products are regulated similarly to California under the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act – which oversees the safety of food, drugs, medical devices and cosmetics. The Trump administration is working on plans to ban e-cigarette liquid flavors in an attempt to make vaping less attractive to minors. 

             According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, there have been 2172 cases of lung illness with forty-two people having died due to vaping products. 

            The CDC also recommends that no person use any vaping products during their investigation and to refrain from purchasing any from the street. 

              In several cases, vaping products have been tampered with to include more dangerous substances within in them such as THC and other binding agents.