Where Have the Supplies Gone?

Where Have the Supplies Gone?

Fabiola Luna, Entertainment and Features Editor

Going to the restroom during school hours may come as a difficulty. The restroom don’t have the necessary supplies for students to be able to go to the restroom and be sanitary. Most of the restroom at school don’t contain supplies such as seat covers and hand soap. 


Chino high students also said that they try not going to the restroom during school because they don’t have seat covers and don’t want to sit on the dirty toilets. Some studentalso stressed how there is no hand soap so they have to use their personal hand sanitizers to clean their hands. 

 Along with not having the necessary supplies the restrooms aren’t very clean. When asked about the restroom many students stated that they tend to avoid going to the restroom because they don’t feel it’s hygienic. Many also stated that the restroom has a weird smell. 

Going to the restroom and not having supplies is frustrating. Students have to  wait to go at home. It should be a priority for schools to practice good sanitary measures so students stay safe. This shouldn’t be a problem and we should get the essential supplies stocked everyday.  

 Custodian, Chris Valdez stated that in the “custodian room there is supplies like toilet paper, paper towels and disinfectant. He also said that “custodians try their best to stock the supplies daily.  

Chino high schools should make this issue a priority to make sure students feel comfortable and safe on campus.