Chino High School of Fish Gather for Academic Rally

Emma Seifert, Managing Editor

On October 15, Chino High Renaissance held their first academic rally of the 2019-2020 school year. The theme was SpongeBob SquarePants and recognized students who performed well academically in the last school year.  

As students poured into the gym the band played and the cheerleaders danced to the music. When everyone was seated, the emcees came on stage dressed as various characters from the show. 

The emcee’s welcomed everyone to the rally and thanked Mr. Bowden, the band director, for having the band play. The emcees then introduced top 25 from each class and congratulated them on their achievements.  

Afterwards, the Polynesian club performed their routine with the help of the special education kids. The emcees introduced the special education kids with their awards.  

Renaissance asked 10 students from each grade level to volunteer for a game. The objective of the game was to go through a hula hoop without breaking their linked hands, the Juniors won the game. 

Finally, the emcees asked the people who passed their AP exams to stand up and receive their award. After the emcees called up Gabriella come and sing for the students 

 Renaissance president, Vincent Hamby, said, “We chose Gabriela M.C because we saw her performance at the ‘worlds greatest conference’ and liked the spirit it created so much [that] we wanted to find a way to incorporate her into our rally, which was accomplished through using it to teach the audience how to survive Pearl’s quincenera.” Pearl is one of the characters from the show SpongeBob SquarePants.  

Gabriella invited students to come and dance to Mexican party music and she sang certain Spanish songs as the students sang along and danced.  

The rally ended with class chants and a class competition between the seniors and the juniors. “I think our first rally went pretty well and was an improvement over rallies in the past. Especially taking into account that the majority of Renaissance consists of new members.” added Hamby.