Spine-Chilling Senior Movie Night

Spine-Chilling Senior Movie Night

Fabiola Luna , Entertainment Editor

On October 30th seniors gathered in the quad to watch a scary movie. Students began arriving around 6:30 pm to make sure they secured good seats. Many brought blankets, chairs, and cozy clothes. At the entrance fellow cowboys were checking ID’s. 

Initially experiencing technical difficulties ASB was finally successful in getting the movie to play and seniors cheered for joy. Friends snuggled together as the title popped up. The screen read Insidious as the senior’s anticipation-built up.  
Many people brought food to snack on while the spooky movie played through the cold night. Seniors also purchased simple snacks that were being sold by ASB. During the suspenseful parts, seniors jumped and screeched in a frantic manor.  

Senior, Nayeli Gonzalez stated that she “really enjoyed it but it was too cold.” She suggested that it should maybe be done “in the MPR next time since not that many [seniors] attended. 

Valerie Gutierrez also enjoyed movie night because “it was something different.” The only thing she recommended be done is have “it around the warmer months because it was too cold.” 

Many enjoyed their spooky night of suspense. As the movie came to an end, seniors began to gather their belongings and proceeded to the exit.