Garden Amp Theater GWAR Concert

Jorge Rivera, Reporter

 On Friday, October 25, 2019 the band GWAR performed at the Garden Amp Theater in Anaheim. They put on an amazing show with their comedic stage humor and speedy thrash riffs. 

     Everyone enjoyed the show and many people went around in the mosh pit as the band sprayed fake blood on the entire audience, but no one seemed to care. GWAR went on for hours and was having everyone moving with music. 

     Some of the band members would get close to the crowd and shake hands with people in the front near the stage, while others crowd surfed and moshed. Towards the end of the show, the band finished with their famous song “If You Want Blood (You’ve got it)” and sprayed everyone with fake blood through an alien looking type of mounted cannon. 

     In my opinion, the band put on an amazing and funny show. I enjoyed their style of music and how talented they were, also the way they got the crowd involved through crowd surfing and having a mosh pit.