Cowboys Drowned by Conquistadors

Cowboys Drowned by Conquistadors

Jorge Torres, Reporter

On October 28 the Chino Boys’ Water Polo team played their annually Fish Bowl game against Don Lugo. This was their second time facing the Conquistadors this season. The Cowboys hoped they could bring back the Fish Bowl trophy to Chino High School. 

  The cowboys started the first quarter with one goal, then the conquistadors took the lead with 7 goals. It was looking rough for the Cowboys. 

 Going to the second quarter Don Lugo scored another 9 goals and chino scored 3 goals. The score being 16-3 going into the second half. 

 The third quarter the Conquistadors scored another 5 goals and the Cowboys scored 3 goals. At this point the Cowboys just gave up on winning the Fish Bowl. The score was 26-6 at the end of the third quarter. 

In the fourth quarter both scored 4 goals each but that wasn’t enough for the Chino Cowboys to take the win. The final score was 30-10, the cowboys lost by 20 goals.