Montclair Washed Out by Chino at Senior Game

Montclair Washed Out by Chino at Senior Game

George Minijarez, Sports Editor, Reporter

               The Chino Boys Water Polo team played their final home league against the Montclair Cavaliers. The game was on October 30th, at 3: 15P.m. with senior decorations setup all around the pool deck. 

            Leading off the game the Cowboy’s starters consisted of all the seniors on the Varsity team. The first quarter saw the Cowboys make 10 goals on the Cavaliers, with the Cavaliers unable to get on the score board. 

            During the second quarter of the game the JV starting lineup was put into the game to get some playing time. The Cavaliers scored 1 goal on the Cowboys making the score 10-1. The Cowboys then return the favor by also scoring a goal making the score 11-1. 

            The third quarter of the game started off with the Cavaliers scoring a goal on the Cowboys. The Cowboys scored 4 goals on the Cavaliers with the score being 15-2. The final quarter of the game the Seniors finished the game off with 5 goals and only allowed the Cavaliers to score once. The game ended with the Cowboys winning the home game 20-3.