ASB Weekly Bulletin

Jorge Rivera, Reporter

Soon after the start of the 2019-2020 school year an alternative way of announcements arrived at chino High. ASB’s Friday announcements went digital with a video bulletin upon dating students about events and happening campus. 

     Despite the amount of time and effort put into these video bulletins, most teachers don’t show them or sometimes teachers don’t know how to work the technology to be able to show the bulletin. PE students are not able to see the bulletin during their class because they don’t have access to technology. 

      Ms. Norman, the ASB advisor told the Lariat that she is aware of teachers not showing the bulletin and that some may not understand how to work some technology. She mentioned that there are techs that come on campus and have workshops to help teachers with that struggle and they also answer any questions they may have.  

     Whenever the techs are coming to the campus, they e-mail Ms. Norman and inform her that they will on campus on certain days, but they are also available if teachers want to e-mail the techs to get one-on-one help.