California Fires Continue Raging


Justin Ogilby, Editor in Chief

The annual fire season in California has been prominent in recent weeks. Last year, California suffered one of the most powerful and most damaging fires in its history and it appears that this year’s fires are following suit. 

According to California Fire, there has been an estimated 198,392 acres burned, 6,190 incidents, 3 fatalities, and 732 destroyed or damaged structures. Comparatively, the 2018 California fires had an estimated 1,618,033 acres burned, 310 incidents for every 10 acres, 93 fatalities, and 23,145 structures damaged. 

Every year, millions of dollars is put into combatting these fires and to rebuild all the damage caused. There are multiple underlying factors that contribute to the severity of the fires, such as a drought season, which was the case last year. Climate change is a major contribution to the effectiveness and damage that the fire can cause.