Cowboy’s Gussy Up for Halloween

Emma Seifert, Managing Editor

On Halloween our Cowboys dressed up for school. Here are some of the spookiest and coolest costumes on campus. 

Victoria Curtis, senior, dressed as an alien.
Andrew Garibay, junior, dressed as Scooby Doo.
Victoria Vasquez, senior, dressed as a Hufflepuff witch.
Victor Hernandez, junior, dressed as Pro Hero Deku.
Mr. Fallon, Physics teacher, and his first period class.
Allison Guitierrez, senior, dressed as a porcelain doll.
Evan Seifert, freshman, dressed as a VSCO girl.
Edward Cahill, freshman, dressed as Angel Eyes.
Ms. Cardenas, Spanish teacher, dressed as Edna Mode.
Mr. Henson, Forensic Science teacher, and his second period class.
Izaak Escobedo, junior, dressed as a shark.