Milk Jug 2019

Milk Jug 2019

George Minijarez, Sports Editor, Reporter

 The Chino versus Don Lugo staff game was recently held at Don Lugo High School. The game took place October 23rd, with the doors opening at 6:30. 

The game was filled with performances from all the dance teams from Don Lugo. Both crowds from Chino and Lugo showed extreme amounts of school spirt in support of the staff.

The game begun with a jump off between the principals of Chino and Don Lugo, both wearing cow costumes. With Chino winning the jump-off, the Cowboys and Conquistadors battled it out for the entire first half of the game, with the Cowboys leading with ten points. 

At half time, the score was 13-23 in the Cowboy’s favor. The second half of the game saw the Conquistadors catch up to the Cowboys, trailing only by five points. At the end of the half, the Cowboys come out on top with a final score of 29-33.