Milkcan 2019

Milkcan 2019

Jorge Torres, Reporter

The annual rival football game between the Chino Cowboys and the Don Lugo Conquistadors, known as the Milkcan, recently took place. The game was held at Don Lugo High School at 7:00 P.M. on October 25th. 

There was a lot of intensity that night, with both sides eager to see who would come out victorious. The crowd was fill with extreme amounts of energy and enthusiasm.  

They started off with the Cowboys and the Conquistadors battling it out to see who would get on the score board first. The Cowboys manage to gain the lead by scoring a touchdown with a successful field goal making the score 7-0. 

The second quarter saw both teams struggle to put up any points, with neither one of them scoring. During the third quarter of the game, the Conquistadors scored a touchdown with a field goal being made. 

The Cowboys also scored a touchdown in the third quarter making the score 14-7. The final quarter of the game saw the Conquistadors score a touchdown, with the Cowboy’s defense unable to hold up. They were also able to score a two-point conversion. 

With the Cowboys not having the time to make a comeback, the Conquistadors won with a final score of 15-14.