Blood Drive


Justin Ogilby, Editor-in-Chief, Journalist

On October 22nd, the Life Stream organization hosted a blood drive in the gym of Chino High School.  The blood drive was a chance to donate blood that will eventually be used to help a person in need.  

Donating blood is simple. Any student could have gone to the drive to donate blood by scheduling an appointment and with parental permission. Students that are 17 years or older could donate blood without an appointment or without a permission slip. A student would check in with an ID, get a mini checkup via physical tests and a questionnaire to determine if they are eligible to donate blood, and then proceed to donate.  

After donation, students enjoyed some time to eat some snacks and rest before heading back to class. It’s the safest and most accessible way for a person to directly help another.  

The LifeStream organization is a nonprofit blood center with a handful of fixed centers and conducts “about 1,700 mobile blood drives annually throughout the service area at schools, churches, businesses, government offices, hospitals and service clubs.” Their goal is to provide to California hospitals and medical facilities in multiple counties.