Should We Change the School Start Time?

Should We Change the School Start Time?

Fabiola Luna, Entertainment Editor, Feature Editor

A new law that was passed in California stated that schools are mandated to have start times that are later. California is the first state in the nation to mandate this law in public schools. Some school officials had opposed this new law and before being approved is was rejected twice. 

In an article published by KTLA this law was designed to help “educational outcomes”. This law will allow students to “[get] more sleep.” I feel that even if school start times are changed the standards and homework don’t change, which means student will stay up the same amount of time finishing their homework


This law may also affect the schedules of parents. There has been a routine set in place that will be changed by school starting later. Some parents may not be able to change their work schedules to coordinate with the later school times. This may cause studenta problem of not being able to have a ride to get to school.  

I personally feel that this new law is irrational. If the law were to be put into motion while I am still in school, I would still be late. Getting out later in the evening would affect extracurricular activities such as sports, band, and clubs. Practices for example will run later which will cause students to do their homework even later than expected. This law is just completely pointless because it just sets back the life of students and changes their routines that they are already use to.