The Great Shakeout

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Melanie Hernandez, Photo Editor, Opinion Editor

Thursday October 17th students at Chino High School were announced to drop and cover during third period at exactly 10:17 a.m. This was part of the Great California Shake outwhich happens every single year on the third Thursday of October.  

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This is a drill put in place to ensure that students and staff knows how to protect themselves during an earthquake. This activity is played out nationwide by participating schools, while each school is different in who’s in charge of planning it. Here at Chino High School the LJPS academy helps the staff oversee the whole thing.  

They help by collecting slips that the teachers give to us during the drill and giving them to the people in charge to make sure everyone is accounted for. This drill does a lot of good for the community in general because it prepares people in case of an emergency. 

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Alanah Johnston, a member in the LJPS academy said “My opinion on this drill is that it’s very important. We learn that we must be in an open area to be safe. This helps the community because when the students go out in the real world, they know what to do when a real earthquake happens. 

Taking a few minutes, a year to focus on this drill helps everyone in case there’s ever an earthquake emergency.