Bury The N-word

Jorge Rivera, Reporter

A meeting was held on October 9th after school by the Black Student Union to discuss the issue of the use of the N-word by students on campus and people in the U.SThe meeting was held in Ms. Berumen’s classroomroom 77. 

Students and staff that were present, learned about the history of where the word came from and why it is an issue in today. Some staff shared their experiences of hearing the word being said in their childhood and how it has affected them or people they knew growing up. 

“The goal in this situation is to enlighten and educate everybody about this word and why it should be eliminated,” said Saira Khan, the president of the Black Student Union club. 

During the time of slavery in the U.S. the word was used to demean, belittle, to hurt whenever it was used. In society today, the use of the “N-word is almost never considered a problem because teens don’t have full understanding of the history behind the word.