Poll Question: What is your favorite Halloween movie? Why?

Emma Seifert, Managing Editor

The Lariat asked Chino teachers, staff, and students what their favorite Halloween movie was and these are there responses.


“My favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus because I used to watch it with my kids over and over and it grew on me.” -Korina Kuo


“My favorite Halloween movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas because I really like Tim Burton movies.” – Josceline Ayala


“My favorite Halloween movie is Coraline because I like the graphics and everything about it, and the concept.” -Claudia Gomez


“My favorite Halloween movie is Michael Myers because he [goes] around killing people, he [doesn’t] care.” -David Alvarado
“The Corpse Bride because it’s really cute.” -Eliana Guaracha


“It’s a horror movie, it’s written by Stephen King, it’s The Shining. It’s not only a horror movie but it’s also psychological thriller as well. I remember when I was a teenager and even into my twenties that was a movie to sit down and watch and it would scare the living bejeezers out of you.” -John Miller, Mr. Miller, the Principal, the Proud Principal of Chino High School


“My favorite Halloween movie is Paranormal activity. I like that movie because I like ghosts.” -Alyssa McCoy


“Zombieland, because it’s hilarious and really funny.” -Adrian Lepe


“My favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus because it is really funny.” -Alexia Garcia


“My favorite Halloween movie is Insidious because it’s wild and there is a bunch of jump-scares, super scary, and it’s really fun to watch.” -Roque Martinez


“My favorite Halloween movie has to be Hocus Pocus because it’s just a really good movie.” – Alanah Johnston


“I would have to say Evil Dead because it’s a horror movie classic.” -Leonardo Lopez


“My favorite Halloween movie is Monster House because I have a lot of childhood memories with it and I would watch it with my grandma.” -Joshua Marin 


“Mars Attacks because it’s really funny and the humor is really dark just like my soul.” -Daniel Cahill