The SAT Should be Abolished


Fabiola Luna, Editor, Journalist

As the next SAT day approaches and seniors prepare for the test, the question as to whether not the SAT is relevant or worth your time arises. I believe that the SAT is a complete waste of time and it labels students depending on their score. 

Why should students have to be opted into taking this test and letting it control how others may see them. If someone were to score higher than someone else that person may ridicule them for being “dumb” and scoring so low. Being degraded should not be something you have to go through in taking a test. 

Some universities and colleges are even thinking about eliminating the requirement of SAT scores for admission. For example, universities like Southern Maine and Rochester have already taken this into action and made submitting your SAT score an option. 

Being accepted into a college shouldn’t be based on one test that you take. Like stated in the Los Angeles Times this test is, “an unfair admission barrier.” Some people aren’t good test takers and its not right that if they score poorly, they shouldn’t get accepted into a university or college. 

One test shouldn’t be able to decide whether you are rejected or not. School involvement and your grades should be factors that should be more important than just one test. Overall the SAT is a test that wastes peoples time that they could be spending on other important thing such as their senior year.