5 Star App Brings Big Changes to CHS

Melanie Hernandez, Journalist, Editor

This 2019-2020 school year, Chino High School spirit and activities have skyrocketed. More students have been excited and attending events on campus than in the previous years. When attending any of these events, students I. D’s are scanned for points that are transferred to their 5-star account’s.

Students earn 50 points for sport participation, 25 points for club participation, 5-10 points for attending events such as sport games, dances, etc. and 2-10 points for putting their input in polls and rallies.

These points allow students to win prizes when they reach a certain amount of points. For example, for the first 50 points you win an elastic bracelet, 100 points you win a CHS lanyard, 150 points a phone wallet etc. The more you attend, the more you win. 

This app alone is encouraging students to attend events more just because of all the fun prizes that are being given out.

 This is the third year that the 5-star app has been at used on campus, however, more attention and promotion has been given to it this year. ASB advisor Jasmine Norman said, “Last year roughly about 50% of students were using this app at the end of the year, however this year we already have about 90% of students using it and more involvement.” 

This app has proven to help make things such as school elections easier as well as boast the turnout at events, and rewards student for participating.