Chino Represents in UN Ambassadors


Justin Ogilby, Editor in Chief

Seniors from Chino High School took part of the United Nations Youth Ambassador program this past summer. Seniors Anissa Gaspar, Richie Becerra, and Yubin Cha and junior Matthew Van joined students from Singapore and China at Claremont Graduate University in an educational learning program that inspires change and thought for next generation leaders.  

“The UN program is one of the most enlightening experiences I’ve had. It’s amazing that as a high school student I was treated with the same respect and consideration as the experts lecturing us,” Matthew Van said.  

Youth delegates can participate in “several intergovernmental meetings at the United Nations.” Most official youth delegates participate in the General Assembly, but some also attend functional Commissions of the Economic and Social Council. 

The United Nations Youth Ambassador program is an effective program that allows students to get insight into real world problems, and the inner workings of cooperation between nations for the common good.  

It also allows students to be able to be educated on how much they need to prepare to take part in international legislation, negotiation, debate, and compromise.